About me

If I had a business card, it would say:

Freelance word wrangler
Writing, editing, production

But that's because business cards are supposed to sound pompous and use capitals like a seventeenth-century religious maniac with a printing press and an attitude. I'm a student on the creative writing MA at Manchester University, and I do some publishing on the side so I can continue to eat. I have been published in Cat World and Wills and Trusts Law Reports. Now I'm trying to fill in the 'everything in between' part.

I'm currently working on Greeks Bearing Gifts, a comic novel about the Cyprus dispute.

I have a finished but unpolished novel floating around, of which the first chapter is hanging about here, looking sly and wearing a hat, hoping to catch somebody's eye.

Scraps of writing:

Efforts at artsiness aside, this 'blog has been a collection of reviews and rambles that range from furious to inane. Now that I'm starting my course, I'm not sure what direction it's going to take. 

I can be contacted at AlecIJohnson AT gmail.com. Note that there's an 'i' between 'alec' and 'johnson'. 


  1. When I was living in the Acton Hole I wrote them an article about having a cat confined to a flat, and why it wasn't such a great idea, mainly because it left hair and smellier things absolutely everywhere, and spent all its time staring mournfully out of windows.

    They published it without agreeing terms, and still haven't paid me (over a year ago now. Grr.), but apart from that it was, technically, my first bit of freelance work.